August 10, 2011

Our Youtube Favorites

Anonymous asked:
Who are your favorite beauty gurus on Youtube?
Ah! This is such a hard question! I (Hannah) just got into watching Youtube videos when we started this blog, really. So I'll be very honest in saying that it's kind of a whole new world for me. Since a lot of these would be overlap, we decided to make  Gurus or not, these are the people I jump in excitement when their videos are posted, in NO particular order:
  • Ashlyn of Makeupologie- She got me into youtube videos via Beautylish. Her looks are easy and fun and totally appropriate for someone my age. I ADORE her makeup style and just can't say enough about her.
From her latest Back To School Video!
  • Dawn of Beautyful Thoughts- First of all, she is the nicest girl EVER. Secondly, her tutorials and videos are AMAZING. We've featured her here before and I absolutely love her.  She's creative, funny and I love her makeup.From From her Edgy Lilac Eyeliner Tutorial, which was featured on Beautylish!
  • Jayme and Mendi of Her Late Night Cravings- If you follow me on twitter, you probably see that I tweet them all the time. They're so nice and they've been so supportive of us here at Beauty Forum. We LOVE their sense of humor and their videos are always interesting. I like that they're coming up with new Tags and branching out. There's always something fun going on at Her Late Night Cravings and I will always be watching. Can't say enough about them, really. Check out their blog as well.
    From their TAG Our Makeup Story Video
  • Eshani of TotalMakeupJunkie101- Her collection is seriously enviable. I watched her Urban Decay 15th Anniversary Palette video and was blown away by her effort to swatch and compare shadows. She puts so much work into her videos and it really shows. I also loved her MAC dupes video, both of which we featured on Beauty Forum.
    From her MAC Dupes Video.
  • Emily of emilynoel83- She's a Youtube favorite for a reason. Her videos cater to everyone as far as price range, skill level and age which is incredible. She's just that accessible. Her MAC Dupes video blew everyone away but she has continued to prove that you can look gorgeous without breaking the bank.

    I've (Danielle) been watching the Youtube beauty community for about a year now and I'm obsessed! Some of mine and Han's overlap, so I won't repeat those. But these are the ones I am always excited to watch/have watched the most of!!
  • Ingrid of Missglamorazzi- She was probably the first girl I actually related to. (Oily skin) I love her personality and she's really intelligent and fun to watch. She is really passionate about the products she loves (this is where I get a lot of my favorites from!) and posts a nice variety of types of videos.
    From her July Favorites
  • Allison of Amarixe- I found her from Ingrid above, and Fleur, below. She's one of my biggest color inspirations. She has such a variety of colorful gorgeous eye tutorials that are perfect for those who wouldn't be as daring as Xsparkage. I love that she doesn't always talk about what's "trendy," but more of what she loves even if it isn't popular.
    From her Paint by Numbers Tutorial
  • Fleur from Fleurdeforce- Ingrid and Allison's English best friend. She is seriously wonderful. I love her tutorials because they're right up my alley. They're neutral, effortless and gorgeous. I love her Best and Worst videos because they share amazing products. I also love love her blog for even more great beauty stuff. More recently, I've been in love with her English beauties tutorial series!!
    From her Princess Diana makeup tutorial
  • Tracy & Stefanie of Eleventhgorgeous- These two constantly crack me up. I love them. They have the best video ideas from nail trends, hair tutorials, and reviews. They're the best girls for drugstore makeup. They have the best finds on a budget that are great great products that you'd never find. I also adore their Southern accents and when they're Tammy Lou & Sally Ann. They're hilarious.

    From their Drugstore Haul with Bloopers
  • Erica of MissCupcakeBeauty- The first Tumblr girl I found on youtube that I was obviously instantly drawn to BECAUSE of her name. She has such a great personality and her hauls were my first exposure to ELF and the reason I ran to Target and bought the eyelash curler.

    From her Target haul
  • Wendy of BentleyBlonde- Okay, so sometimes I need a good pick me up and Wendy is my favorite youtuber to make me laugh. She is hilarious, like I can't even explain how funny she is. The first video I ever saw is one of her Crap Products video and I laughed so hard I cried. I love how absolutely honest she is and how wonderful her personality is. Definitely go watch her latest crap products, you'll crack up.
    From her April 2011 Crap Products (MY FAVORITE VIDEO!!)
Love, Hannah and Danielle

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  1. Thanks again ladies!! We're flattered. Love you girls! ;)
    Jayme & Mendi @ Her Late Night Cravings