About Us


I'm Hannah, and I'm an 18 year old beauty junkie. Beyond my passion for makeup, I'm an English and Education major in beautiful Charlotte, NC. I'm just as passionate about poetry as I am about my collection of eyeshadows. I also love musical theatre and a funny little chihuahua named Juno.  My favorite makeup looks are classic but colorful.

If you can't tell from the photo, I'm a redhead (well, my hair is auburn) and I wear it curly most of the time. I have hazel eyes and very, very fair (we're talking the lightest bottle of foundation fair) skin. I also have dry skin and lips, which dictates some of what I buy.


I'm Danielle and I'm 20 years old. I currently live in Arizona and I'm studying Patisserie and Baking in culinary school. Baking is my biggest passion, but beauty is my second. I'm obsessed with Glee, Taylor Swift, and nail polish. Most often I'm found cuddling with two year old dog, Cooper. :) I love simple gorgeous makeup with a bright lip color. I also have an obsession with nail polish. My collection grows weekly.

I have dark brown hair that is naturally curly, but usually straight. I have dark brown eyes and olive skin. My skin is oily and sensitive and I am acne prone, so my products will always be oil free! 

Danielle's Favorite Products