August 6, 2011

More About Brushes!

keeping-it-classy asked beautyforum: I need some new makeup brushes, and I’d like nice ones. The problem is that they can get expensive. Could you recommend some nice brushes (for eyes, mostly. But face ones will help as well—especially a contouring brush) that are inexpensive?

Anonymous asked beautyforum: Hi ladies! I’ve recently been getting more into make-up and learning how to actually do it well, and I’m thinking that it’s about time that I bought an eye shadow brush. I don’t know that much about how much make-up brushes normally cost or how to determine when a brush is good quality, so I was hoping you guys could give me some tips on picking out make-up brushes and maybe share the brushes you love to use. Thank you!!

Thank you so much for asking these questions regarding brushes because they are definitely makeup collection staples. Hannah and I actually use a variety of low end brushes found just at Target. Neither of us have heavily dived into anything high end or expensive such as MAC or Sigma quite yet. We don’t think it’s absolutely necessary right off the bat for someone experimenting and doing everyday makeup. One brand that I previously spoke about was ELF in this post. ELF proves that makeup brushes do not need to super expensive to be quality.

In addition to the Essentials set of brushes, I adore the Studio black handled brushes. A brush set is a perfect way to get started with a brush collection. I love the ELF Studio 11 Piece Collection that comes inside of a convenient case. These are highly raved about!

Other inexpensive brands with really great brushes are Sonia Kashuk and EcoTools! I have a few brushes from both of these brands as well and they are really wonderful for all purposes.Both of these brands can be found in Target stores with a variety of options for sets and individual brushes pretty inexpensively.

If you’d rather look into buying individual brushes depending upon your needs, I’d definitely recommend reading up on the types of brushes for each use. I love The Beauty Department and they actually did a series of posts geared towards the use of various cosmetic brushes. Here is the face series, the cheek series, and the eye series. These posts are extremely informational and great for any makeup lover - beginning or advanced!

I hope this post about brushes was even more helpful for all of your great questions regarding brushes!

SWAK - Danielle

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