August 7, 2011

Hair Dryers: Splurge or Save?

Anonymous asked:
What are your recommendations on Professional/High End hair dryers? I’ve been buying a new Con Air every year for as long as I can remember and it’s just not cutting it. I’ve done some research at Ulta and I’m torn between Sedu’s Revolution Dryer and Rusk’s Speed Freak.

To be perfectly honest, both of us let our hair air dry first about 90% of the time. This is absolutely a personal preference thing, but it just doesn’t make us very knowledgeable about hair dryers. Personally, I have a cheap little hair dryer that I drag out when I’m in a hurry and it does the job.
What I was able to do is find an article on Beautylish about Hair dryers! It even features 3 cheap and 3 high end dryers at the end of the article. I’d also look up the ones you looked into on Beautylish and look into more specific reviews. Here’s a photo from the article:

Hope this helped!
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