August 21, 2011

First Day Fun

Anonymous asked beautyforum:
Hey! I was wondering if you can do a post about first day of school looks! Im going to be a freshman and I don’t want to stand out too much on the first day and I don’t want to go too neutral. Thankss:]

Great question! I’m going to link back to a few previous posts, because I feel like we’ve done a lot of great things for you. I’ll also add lots of new things, and try to give you a range from a little color to a lot of color!
 I know neutrals can seem a little tired, but Danielle just did a great how-to post on a Missglamorazzi tutorial using the Urban Decay 15 Palette that combines neutrals and a pop of color that I feel like you’d LOVE!
Here’s a preview of that look:
Another great way to spice up your makeup routine is to try a bright pop of color on one part of your face. I’ve been really enjoying wearing hot pink blushes (blended well,  of course) and simplifying the rest of my makeup. This look is not noticeably pink on your cheeks, but it is so much fun to put on in the morning! I promise, it looks so much more pink in the packaging.
Here are two great hot pink blushes in different price ranges:
ELF Studio Blush in Pink Passion- A really pigmented blush for only $3!!
NARS Blush in Desire- My favorite Barbie pink blush. I wear this so often that it’s almost become my signature look! I adore that it looks like I just came in from the cold when I wear it!
Another Beauty Forum Post that featured a lot of great colors was the Eye Color Basics Post. Make sure to check out what colors look best with your eye color.
Last, but not least, turn to Youtube. Here are a few of the best Back To School Tutorials I’ve watched this year, but try searching Back To School on Youtube right now. There are so many great videos!
Back to School Makeup with a Pop of Color by Makeupologie- A great basic winged liner tutorial with a bright pop of color! All of her tutorials are great.
Wet N’ Wild Dancing In The Clouds Tutorial by Emilynoel83- If you love color, this is for you! This also uses a drugstore trio, which is affordable on a school budget.
Edgy Lilac Liner Tutorial by Beautyfulthoughts- Dawn’s tutorials are simple and gorgeous and this one would look great going from day to night. She used false lashes, but this look could be simplified and made appropriate for daytime by skipping the tightlining and the lashes!
Experiment, have fun and find out what suits your personality for the first day back! A lot of these can be toned down or turned up to suit your personal tastes as well. Enjoy!
Stay beautiful,


  1. LOVE this Nars blush!! I might need it!! HA!

    Jayme @ Her Late Night Cravings

  2. Jayme, I've been wearing it ALL the time. It's the most natural in from the cold flush, so gorgeous. I looked at the guy like he was NUTS when he pulled it out but I use it constantly now. Just so pretty!