July 25, 2011

Monday Manicures

Hopefully this will catch on a little more every week, but I love seeing what everyone is wearing on their nails! Emily of thewaspsnest  and I are both wearing the famous Tart Deco, so that’s kind of fun :)

My pink and green polka dot nails!  The polka dots were done by one of my swimmers named Catey who is 7 and the girliest girl you will ever meet! - good-gollymissmolly
Essie’s Cute as a Button- pearls-curlsandasoutherngirl
Not sure why I’m posting this, the lighting is awful and isn’t showing the color off right. Tart Deco is a creamy peach, not at all this orange color, but that’s what I get from my old iphone. :( This is my second favorite Essie polish, my first being Mademoiselle and my third being Sand Tropez followed by Fiji. Definitely try these out!
Essie is now being sold at Walmart as well as other retailers, there is no difference in formula however the bottles are a teensy bit smaller. -thewaspsnest
Buppy is wearing China Glaze’s Shocking Pink. Submitted by thewaspsnest for her sister!
Hannah’s Manicure- Essie Tart Deco (also shown: Seche Vite Top Coat, my new obsession!!) Tart Deco is a great orange-coral. I ordered this online and  was so excited to try this today. SUPER happy with the shade, and in LOVE with the Seche Vite top coat! Apologies for bad lighting, my camera died and I only had time for two shots, and this was the better one! 

Danielle’s Manicure- Zoya Dannii I’m kind of in love with the gold reflex

Make sure to submit your manicure for next week's Monday Manicure! You can send in a photo ANY TIME between tonight and next Monday night and we'll hold it for you.

Love, Hannah and Danielle

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