September 12, 2011

Beauty Forum Bookmarks: Our Favorites Part One

These are a few of our favorite beauty sites! We thought we’d share the sites we have bookmarked and visit frequently and what we love and don’t love about each of them. These are GREAT resources, and while many of you may have heard of them, we thought we’d share this list for all of our readers. This will be a two part series so that you can check them out in little groups.

Part magazine, part blog, this site has a little bit of everything.
Best at: BROCHURES. Her Fall MAC Collection Brochures were the best way to view the tons of MAC collections and see EXACTLY what was in each collection. Sheer brilliance. The monthly magazine is usually pretty nice too.
Lacking in: 
Post frequency. If you love hyper frequent posts, this one is not for you. It’s more like a magazine so it’s not as frequent.

Temptalia: Every product ever. The latest releases, the hottest products, great dupes, and reviews of collections.
Best at: Reviewing products before they even hit shelves. Wondering whether or not to grab that new Urban Decay Palette? Check Temptalia. The Glossover system rates each
product thoroughly and understandably, with a summary of final thoughts. It’s a great system. The blog has a swatch gallery as well, so if you’re interested in a product, check it out ahead of time.
Lacking In: I love the idea of the dupe list but I find it hard to use. That might just be me, but I’ve never really found it reliable.
Example of the Glossover for the Urban Decay 15th Anniversary Palette.
The Beauty Department: Tutorials, blogs, surveys, and advice from Lauren Conrad and her Beauty Team.  We’ve previously introduced it here.
Best at: Tutorials and beauty inspiration. They have a hairstylist and a makeup artist writing for them, so the posts are often really informative.
Lacking in: The tutorials are hit or miss. I either am dying to try it or feel like it’s been done on the blog several times (yes, we know LC loves winged liner, yawn!) or I just don’t like it at all.

Look out for Part Two later this week!
Stay beautiful,

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